Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pheasant Instructions

Instructions by Anita:
I used Close to Cocoa paper for the pheasants body, wing and tail, head and neck.
Body - Wide Oval
Neck-head - Small oval
Back Tail - XL Two Step Bird Punch
Wing - XL Two Step Bird Punch
Top notch - mini horizontal slot punch
Waddle - Heart to Heart Punch (small heart) (use real red paper)
Beak - Wing - XL Two Step Bird Punch (use whisper white paper)
Legs - cut 2 small photo corner punch in gray or bordering blue then re-punch to get the thin legs
Tail Feathers - Cut 3 branches from the XL Two Step Bird Punch in very vanilla paper
Look at the diagram to see how to cut and assemble the bird. Please note that when it says "Jumbo Punch" it really is the Wide Oval Punch.
To color the pheasant I used my Classic Ink Pads and a sponge daubers. Check this website for a picture of a pheasant here.
Head, neck and top notch are in sponged in garden green. With a sponge dauber using a pouncing motion color in head, neck and top notch heavily.
Body, wing, tail - Really Rust classic ink, sponge all around edges and up into body going very lightly in enter of body and top of wing (wing is not attached yet)
Sponge over really rust w/ chocolate chip (but not in middle of the body). Add a little summer sun to center of body and a little on top of wing. Add, very lightly, real red over summer sun blending to the back tail then add real red a little heaver. Add feather markings with black pen and while gel pin (except tail back) go over again with chocolate chip around edges chest and back tail to blend with a sponge dauber.
Tail Feathers: Lightly sponge tail feather edges with Really Rust. go over lightly with Chocolate Chip. Add feather markings in v shape with white gel pen and black pen.
Face: reshape heart - sponge edges with black, cut point edge off white bird wing and sponge and edge with black, add mouth.
Attach heart to beak
Attach to Head/Neck
Attach top notch to back of head/neck
Add eye to red heart (waddle)
White Neck Band is cut with small oval then re-cut making a narrow band.
I hope these instruction make since as I am reading off of Anita's notes.
Good luck!
Lucia and Anita

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