Thursday, March 11, 2010

Masculine Birthday Card

Well I will be the first to admit I have the hardest time creating masculine cards. I needed a card for my hubby so this is what I came up with. He just had a lift and new wheels and tires put on his truck (mid life crisis, I guess) so I thought I would use the truck from Loads of Love and alter it. We also camp a lot with our trailer so....well you see where I am going with this.


  1. This is too cute!! Hope you will post the template. It would be fun to make.
    Stay well,

  2. I just made a card similar to this using the loads of love set and all of its counter parts;) your card makes me giggle... I hope chris enjoyed it!

  3. love how you lifted the truck from loads of love. hehe.

    - Elizabeth (