Thursday, January 21, 2010

Survey Says......

Ok today I would like to ask all of you a question. How do you store your stamps? Alphabetically, seasonal, occasions, etc. I am remounting all my wood stamps, well actually I am unmounting them to use with the new clear blocks from Stampin' Up! Being able to store them in the dvd cases from Stampin' Up! is going to be a great space saver. So please post a picture or just tell me how you organize your stamps. I will post all the replys once I get them. Thanks for playing.



  1. I unmounted all my stamps and put them in CD cases,I organized them in catagories example flowers,verses I stored them in CD storage cubes they hold 12 CD cases,then I used my label maker to put the catagory on the front of storage case,with my SU stamps I put the catagory on the storage case plus SU # 1 etc,Iam going to make a master list of what stamp set is in each storage case.
    Jocelan P

  2. I stack the sets according to the sizes of the clam shell boxes. I do try to keep holidays, flowers, sentiments, etc. together according to the box size. It's not a great system, but it works for me.